Boyboyan: Traditional Game

Commemorating Mother's Language Day, Eka Budaya Team promotes the traditional game boyboyan. In order to preserve traditional games, Eka Budaya played the game with the children of Mekarwangi Village.

Melukis Aksara

Still commemorating Mother's Language Day, Sundanese proverbs are packaged attractively through painting as a form of expression and imagination of children in their work of art.

Mekarwangi Hiking

Behind a healthy body lies a strong soul. To be able to work and create, Karya Eka Nala's personnel routinely exercises, such as hiking through nature.

1 Year of Karya Eka Nala

One year of Karya Eka Nala's "Berkarya dan Berbudaya" brought us to the universe of hope that shines through the cheerful faces working and striving for Indonesia.

Assessing The Paintings of The National Children's Painting Contest

Karya Eka Nala Team had the opportunity to see various children's paintings and attend the judging process for the 2020 National Children's Painting Contest in Yogyakarta.

Idea Presentation

Having a space of sharing notions and ideas is the first step to sorting out and selecting the best out of them all, to be made into a creation that is realized with Karya Eka Nala.

Saresehan Warga: Maca Desa

This activity is an effort to re-read the potential of Mekarwangi Village from various perspectives (academics, practitioners, residents, community leaders, and the government).